Moderation Monday

After bingeing out on old episodes of Army Wives yesterday, today I will do everything in moderation.  I love that show, but I don’t understand why I’d be willing to sit for six hours just getting caught up to the episodes that were on when I first started watching it….somewhere in the middle of their second season. (Sheesh!)  I swear, it’s exactly like a soap opera….and I’m hooked.

I did do something productive yesterday.  I turned in my homework and took the required Quiz.  And I put about 9″ on the purple sweater.  I’m so jazzed because it’s the exact color of purple that is in some antique buttons I had purchased several years ago.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted them for, and now I know.  This sweater calls for just one button, but I think I may go for using 2, since that’s what I have.  Decisions, decisions! (Ha!)

News today was not what I’d want to put in here, so I’m giving  you a link that will take you to a site of interactive spider-web-like designs.  If run your mouse over the design it will change as  you go.  Fun…particularly on a boring news day!  Here’s the link:

Let me know if it whiled away a few moments of your day!



Sunday…yeayyyyy (Not)

After another night of insomnia I am a zombie today.  Hey, I warned you! In my current condition I can’t even think, let alone write, coherently.

I didn’t even find any “worthy” news today, except for Elmo‘s song which I will provide below…

Elmo was the only news that caught my eye except for the riots in Oakland last night.  That’s a little close to home for me and I’d much rather they could demonstrate peacefully.

My thoughts today are muddled, as you can see from above.  Lack of sleep produces a lack of brain action and I seem to be suffering from both in a big way!  So, on that note I think I’ll just accept that I am not able to think clearly today and close…

You all have a spectacular Sunday,