Vicarious Vacation

I may be sitting right here at my keyboard in my studioffice, but I’m really taking a vicarious vacation to a lake in Michigan.

Melissa Koski sees her immediate surroundings as photographic opportunities.  She has a naturalist’s eye and notices many things that some of us urban dwellers may not; so I always look forward to seeing what she has on her blog,  Melissa Not Dusting,  at

Melissa admits she is non-house-chore-friendly and would much rather be out taking pictures. She appreciates the beauty of nature’s bounty.  Thankfully, she takes pictures of what she sees and shares them with the rest of us.

Melissa often finds photo subjects in her own yard or,  as in the following photos,  at the lake.  Enjoy!

This photo of  a spiderweb  in her blog today got me going this morning.  I emphatically don’t like spiders, but I love their webs!

The lake is full of these little guys.

He’s ugly, but I still love frogs and toads.  I became enchanted with them many (many) years ago when I was “auditioning” human toads and frogs for a role as might-be- life-mates.

He looks like he’s not very pleased with his attempt to leave the security of the nest.

He’s so small!  I hope Mother Nature keeps him safe out there in the wilds of Michigan (not really wild, but there is a lake!)

I wish I could take a lesson from Melissa . . . novice photographer that I am. . .and be out in the sunshine.  Unhappily, I have an article I’m going to have to stop putting off writing.  I’ll write about my chronic procrastination at some future date ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Drop by and visit Melissa to see more of her naturalistic art.

I’m thinking I’d like to be on vacation today.  What are you thinking?  Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!


I’m Walkin’ In Sunshine! (and it sure feels good)

This week I’m ecstatic because Claire from Claire! I’ve Been There nominated me for a Sunshine Award.   Bless her heart!   You can find her at .   With the nomination comes a mission:  there are three tasks to complete (does this sound familiar to you?).  My first task is to thank Claire…and I do, I do!

My second task is to tell you all something about me that you don’t already know.  Here goes:

Favorite color:   without a doubt is red. . . unless it’s blue or green . . .  or maybe yellow?  Truth is, I just plain love color.  I’m happiest when I’m surrounded by colorful fabrics and yarns.  Also have a passion for colored pencils and pens!  And colorful office supplies. . . .

The first thing I notice about a person is their eyes.  The eyes really are the windows to the soul.  The next thing I notice is their hands.  Hands can tell you so much about a person.

My favorite TV program?  I don’t watch much television, but Grey’s Anatomy is one program I do try to see often.  It’s still on, isn’t it?  I never know which ones get taken off in any given season.

My favorite pastime?  Reading, writing and knitting…not necessarily in that order.

And. . . my third task is to nominate 10 other bloggers for a Sunshine Award.

In no particular order, these are my nominations.  They all never fail to brighten my day.

I love watching baby Everett grow as his mommy posts in her blog The Daybook, Real Life and Personal Style at always has something fun to read and shares her travels and friends with her followers.

A daily regular for me is One Good Thing by Jillee.  Jillee has tips for everyday life and lots of DIY/Make It Yourself suggestions and tips to save you money!  Jillee is at  I have a folder in my email to save Jillee’s ideas.

EZ (pronounced Eee Zee) at Creature Comforts gives me my daily dose of color.  Her lovely palettes are taken from something that appeals to her marvelous sense of color.  EZ is at

Mark Berkery is a photographer par excellence.  He does the most wonderful micro-photography of the natural life that surrounds him.  A gentle man, he writes about his garden creatures and offers his philosophy in beautiful prose.  Mark’s blog is Nature‘s Place.  It’s about Mark’s immediate environment and  has a message for us all.  Mark is at

Sisters Elsie and Emma have a delightful blog called A Beautiful Mess.  They share their fashion sense and glimpses into their personal life and travels.  Lots of DIY directions, too.  They can be found at

Another very talented photographer is Leah Yetter who shares her life-away-from-Georgia on her blog Uprooted Magnolia.  Leah fell in love with a cowboy and her path led to a ranch in  Wyoming.  I went to school in Wyoming so her photos bring back memories of happy times and make me miss the Wyoming prairie.  Find Leah at

Brené Brown at Ordinary Courage gives a lift to my life and always gives a boost to my positive thinking.  Look for your daily dose of ordinary courage at

Alice at FutureGirl Craft Blog shares my love of knitting, gives away lots of free hints and tips, and lets me follow along with her as she designs her own projects (something I’ve never had the nerve to do!)  I look forward to her posts as I work on my many “current” projects because it makes me feel good to know that I’m not the only one with multiple current projects.  Alice is at

Diane at In My Own Style posts a new DIY project with full directions in her blogs.  What she can do to re-use, re-cycle and re-purpose is positively amazing.  She shares clearly written how-to’s for building simple (and some not-so-simple) projects…and with pictures for every step!  Look for Diane at

BookMania belongs to Archie, a young grad-student in Manila, Philippines.  I love books—any and all books—so sharing Archie’s passion for books is right there along with my other favorites.  Archie is on tumblr and can be found at

I’m on a roll here…can’t resist adding just one more nomination.  Robert Santafede is a wonderfully talented photographer.  He favors black and white photography, my personal favorite.  Robert has a special knack for post-processing his photos to create intriguing highlights of color amidst the black and white composition that really make his work pop. While his photography isn’t usually the bright and sunshiny kind, it’s always thought-provoking.  I look forward to seeing what he will come up with next.  Look for Robert at

Many thanks to you, Claire…you really did make my day!