Presenting Aurora

It’s been nearly seven months since I’ve posted here. I apologize for the long hiatus. Last year was very challenging for me and I found many of my creative outlets simply too much to maintain.

However, this morning when I opened my Facebook page–I found this little piece of adorableness (is that a word? if not, it should be!) waiting to make me smile. She is absolutely lovely from her hand-dyed hair to her tiny little toes. Tara spent many hours making Aurora—and it shows!  This doll is perfect in every way.  Aurora is definitely one of my favorite things.

I knew when I read Tara’s post that I had to share it with all of you.






At Long Last!

My introduction to 2 Bags Full was about this time last year.  I saw something on an Etsy shop that led me to Vicki Boster and her incredible Nests. It was love at first sight…instant delight! I would’ve spent hours wending my way through the archives, but I was finishing the last of the classes I needed to graduate in December, so I bookmarked the site with the intention of returning to it as soon as I had time. Here I am, a year later~~and four days past my umpty-dozenth goal date~~posting what was actually my first Favorite Thing…the one that inspired the new look, new focus, and new name for the old SuzySomething Thinks Out Loud.  I’m embarrassed to admit that it’s taken me so long!

No more waiting!  Vicki’s exquisite creations and fantastic photography need no further introduction.

This is the nest that began it all...

This is the nest that began it all…

As  I was admiring Vicki’s nests, ooo-ing and ahhh-ing my way through her delightful blog, a short detour  led me to these snowflake-soft, delectable confections…

Vicki made this exquisite sweater and hat for an extra-special grandchild who  arrived just in time for Christmas.
Vicki made this precious sweater and hat for a very special grandchild who arrived just in time for Christmas.

This year, Vicki dedicated her blog, and a special-edition nest, to promote Breast Cancer Awareness.

Each tiny nest carries a BIG message...worldwide.

Each tiny nest carries a BIG message…worldwide.

The Heart of the Nest

The Heart of the Nest

Vicki has received pink scarves from nearly every continent~~from Australia to South Africa ~~more scarves than she ever imagined when she set this landslide project into motion.

The pink scarf that I made is one of the very few knitting projects I completed this year. Knitting it was  a zen experience for me.  I was determined to infuse every stitch with hope and love for the woman who would receive it~~75,000+ stitches bearing a message of caring for someone I will never know. The woman who is not a stranger because  I grew close to her as I knitted.  It made the knitting a joy and has touched my soul as well as my heart. It was my honor to  participate in the Pink Scarf Project

Vicki's Nest for 2013

Vicki’s Harvest Nest for 2013

2013 Harvest Nest

2013 Harvest Nest

Another example of Vicki's expertise in creating beautiful pictures...of beautiful things.

Another example of Vicki’s expertise in creating beautiful pictures…of beautiful things.

Over the past year, I’ve gotten to know Vicki as a fellow blogger~~and as a friend. She’s amazing…spreading her love  in great enthusiastic bursts that span the globe. I’m certain that any day now she’ll  be up for sainthood!  Vicki is a practicing neo-natal nurse; she travels to exotic places–and writes wonderful travelogues so us stay-at-homers can vicariously share her adventures; she plans her blogs and photo excursions; she creates these amazing little nests~~aaand she makes unique, cuddly-cozy wraps that she dispenses to the very fortunate friends and soon-to-be friends she cares about ~~ and still has some for her Etsy shop…

Look for more of Vicki's wraps at ther Etsy shop Le Nid (the nest)

Look for more of Vicki’s wraps at her Etsy shop Le Nid (the nest)

…aaand a dozen other things that only an extra-special uber-person can fit into a full and busy life.

Artist at work

Artist at work

It’s the time of year for gratitude and counting one’s blessings ~~ I am blessed to share Vicki’s  wonderful nests with you, and I am grateful that she consented to be the first of  My Favorite Things (and has been very patient while waiting for me to actually publish this post.)

Vicki’s blog, is a treasure-trove that will delight fellow fiberophiles [read Yarn Hoarders Lovers]  I invite you to take a moment to visit her blog. WARNING–you’d probably better plan on a lot more than a moment. Vicki’s posts are habit-forming…and good for the creative soul in all of us.

Vicki Boster is, delightfully, one of… My Favorite Things.


[all photos are the work and property of Vicki Boster, ]

Dum Dum Da Dum ~~Update #1

I’m busy doing “research” for my daughter’s virtual wedding. . . .finding so many wonderful things I want to share with you, Dear Reader.   At the moment, I’m temporarily overwhelmed because I’d like to have them all, but even a virtual wedding has to have limits.  (drat!)

Oh dear, a thought just passed through my mind — maybe I’ll have to plan more than one! :))

See you soon!

Dum Dum da Dum

I’m so excited!  My Lovely Daughter (MLD) announced her engagement last Saturday.  I know she doesn’t want to make a big thing about it…but I, in my role as Mother of the Bride (MoB), am probably three times more excited about planning her wedding than anyone else, including my daughter and her groom.  They want a wedding without a lot of fanfare, so it’ll probably be fairly small.  However, I (on the other hand) am free to plan a virtual wedding that could eclipse the British (sadly) marriage of Diana and Charles.  I promise not to go totally wild……maybe just moderately wild.

As I travel through the ether to find only the most perfect things for her virtual wedding, even (perhaps) some that will actually be included in her planning, I’ll share it all with you, Dear Reader,  a few of…My Favorite Things.

PS ~~ I’ve included acronyms for my daughter and me, but I will probably continue spell them out because I like the way they look as I type them…  ;o)


Ta Da!  I finally finished redecorating!  Now I can focus on my Quest-for-the-best-of-the-best to share with you, Dear Reader…I’ll use DR–from now on, because it isn’t as saccharine and definitely more palatable!

Speaking of palatable…Do you ever wish you could do more here in WP-Land?  I wish there were more options to convey my three EEEs–Enthusiasm, Exuberance and/or Emotion.  I like having the option to highlight and use colored text for emphasis, but in WP-land, I’m limited to Bold and/or Italic, which don’t always truly reflect what I want to convey.  I see this as an opportunity to learn more about using WP and maximizing what I find–on my Quest.  You can be my jury and let me know if I’ve succeeded.

I’ll leave you with this bit of fluff from Alexander McQueen Fall 2012:

Pink feathers and fuzz

Sheesh, I hope that isn’t as fuzzy on your side as it seems from my side of the screen (the photo, not the garment—I can’t tell if it’s a coat or a gown!)  I promise to be more inspired for my next post.

I’ll be back after a word from our sponsor…[see me, tongue in cheek, reminiscing]  ;o)

Finding a New Home

I am happy here with WordPress.  I’ve never had a problem with my blog here.  I also have not had a problem with my  blog Random Thoughts on tumblr.  (  BUT, the blogs I have (one is a personal journal that no one sees but me) with blogger have been a headache ever since Google+ decided to get involved and made it nearly impossible for me to get to my own blogs.  I’ve had to jump through several hoops every time I’ve tried to get to my blogs…such as changing my password 4 times….and spending 60 minutes one day before being able to get to my own blog.  Yesterday I read with dismay an error message that told me my blog had been termed as “spam”  or that it might have had some “questionable content”  that could be a reason for being blocked by their electronic decision-maker and that I’d need to ask to be reinstated.  Questionable contentI don’t think so!  I was not a happy camper.

I was especially not a happy camper 2 hours later after trying to find an actual living person to help me.  I was referred to a bulletin board forum to see if others had had the same problem and what they did to fix it themselves.  I did that…there were 2 comments there and both suggested that I try to “backdoor” my blog by using a different browser, and both said they had been unable to “fix” their issues; neither responded to the comment I left there asking for help. It seems that other blogger users aren’t there there either.  Another site I was referred to had lots and lots of comments about blogger and Google+ and most of them were very negative.  I’m being nice here and not using the words people used to f-ing describe their f-ing problem and that both blogger and Google should go, well…you get the idea.  All this just trying to find out where to go to ask to get my blog back.  I never did get an answer to that.

So, today I am looking for a new home for my little blogs.  I would really like to be able to get to my journal blog because I use it as a list of things to do and a reminder of commitments and deadlines.  I also “plant” some of my creative ideas there to let them germinate…if they do germinate, that is.  In any event, I will follow up on my email to WordPress about moving my blogs from blogger, optimistically believing that I will be able to get to them to initiate the move process.  With WordPress, I know I’ll receive an email response from someone, and they will be happy to help me.  I never did get to an actual person on blogger or Google+—only more referrals to canned responses that did nothing to help me get to someone I could “petition” to “reinstate” my blogs.  I can’t get to them and apparently they are no longer available to anyone else.  And I can’t even find out what I need to do to get to the place where I can ask to have my blogs back.  I’ve completely given up on ever getting to an actual person since Google+ and blogger appear to have been taken over by electronic trolls.  Not a happy camper here.  Please bear with all the italics…I’m using them instead of shouting.

I’ll keep you posted as the story unfolds.  I don’t like blogger and Google+ and I don’t want to play anymore. I’m going to pick up my toys and go home…so there.  Oh dear…I’m having the equivalent of a temper tantrum.  I hate it when that happens!